Parents' Rights

What Are My Rights As a Parent in Custody Court?

In the midst of a divorce, a custody agreement needs to be established to determine which parent(s) will be responsible for the care of your children, and when. Aside from standard custody parameters, these agreements also often include decisions about which parent(s) will be in charge of decision-making on behalf of any children under the age of 18.

When you and your former partner are in the beginning stages of custody decision-making, you should consider the arrangement that will best suit your child, first and foremost. Then, think about your needs and work to express those needs in your custody negotiations.

Both Parents Are Entitled to Their Rights — Set an Equal Standard First

Before even entering the courtroom, it is important to establish an understanding of the proceedings and take steps to ensure your rights are protected. Difficulties can arise in cases where one parent takes more control over the other. With the help of your lawyer, communicate your wants to the other parent and their legal representation.

Establishing a pre-trial understanding of rights and needs will help keep the trial on track, avoiding one parent taking over or the proceedings becoming disorderly. In a custody agreement, you should not continue on without an order in hopes that it will work out. A well-thought-out plan and set of guidelines is generally the best course of action.

The Rights of Children Are the Most Important

When establishing a custody agreement, the rights of your child(ren) supersede the rights of yourself or the other parent. Although establishing your own rights is an essential step in the trial process, keep in mind: a child’s rights are the most important.

You should think about how different factors involved in an established custody agreement will affect your child, such as a move, alternating residencies, changing schools, or staying with one parent more than another. An agreement that is most convenient for you and the other parent may not always be the best for your child(ren).

Work With a Syracuse Family Law Lawyer

The assistance of an attorney can help you define your needs and defend your rights. With my knowledge of family law, I aim to guide my clients through negotiations with their needs and fair results at the forefront of my strategy.

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