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No parent wants the support they provide to their child to be evaluated in financial terms. However, when a couple divorces, monetary provisions to maintain the well-being of the child must be agreed upon. An effective child support plan needs to be constructed and approved by the courts as part of the completion of a divorce proceeding.

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My name is Laurin Haddad and I have been assisting individuals with life's legal difficulties for more than a decade. I understand the need for parents to acquire support, and others who need to reduce the amount the pay out each month due to other financial obligations.

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Determining Child Support

When determining child support, New York uses guidelines set forth in the Child Support Standards Act. Factors entailed in the formula include the combined income of the parents and how many supported children are involved.

It should be noted that this formula is primarily a basic guideline. Parents have the option to create their own plans with which they feel comfortable. Additionally, if the combined income of the parents is over $136,000 yearly, the court will make adjustments.

Factors that parents and the courts can consider when drafting a child support plan:

  • Financial resources available
  • Any special needs of the child
  • Child's current standard of living
  • Income disparity between the two parents

Regardless if a couple opts to abide by the standard formula or wishes to construct their own parameters, the courts must approve the petition. Careful consideration needs to be given to evaluate the abilities of each parent and enforce their respective responsibilities to maintain the well-being of the child. As an accomplished Syracuse attorney, I can provide the experienced representation you need when you are constructing your plan.

Modifying Child Support Court Orders

Situations in both the parents' and the child's life may change, requiring an alteration in the amount of child support. As a passionate legal advocate, I hold firmly to the belief that a custodial parent should receive the full amount they are entitled to, and that the noncustodial parent should not face an unjust financial burden. I am well versed in what the court will consider in granting a modification of orders. These factors can include:

  • A substantial change in circumstances, such as job loss or the child becomes disabled.
  • It has been more than three years since the child support was evaluated.
  • There has been more than a 15% change in either parent's income.

Enforcement of Orders

Sadly, there are still many parents who fail to live up to the obligations of child support. Child support is a court order, enforceable by law, and there are many options available to garner past due payments. I can assist you in taking the formidable legal action required to collect child support arrears. Whether it involves a simple garnishment, discovery of hidden assets, or a charge of contempt of court, I can provide the aggressive legal advocacy you require.

Consult with an Experienced Lawyer

Child support issues can quickly become complicated and distressing on both sides. Even amicable verbal agreements made between the two parties need to be ratified by a court order to be enforceable. Consulting with a skilled and insightful attorney can protect your rights.

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