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The breakup of a marriage can be particularly complicated when children are involved. Maintaining their sense of stability and putting their needs first can become quite difficult when parents are at odds. At Haddad Law Office, P.C., I recognize the high importance you place on your child's well-being. As a supportive Syracuse lawyer, asserting your rights as a parent and protecting your family bonds is my first priority.

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Deciding What Type of Child Custody is Right for You

New York courts have broad discretion when considering child custody orders. The judge will consider numerous relevant factors including the health of the parents and the child, each parent's capacity to care for the child, and the ability of the parents to co-parent. Regardless if the parents come to court with a prearranged agreement or the courts create the plan entirely, the overriding goal is to create a plan which is in the best interest of the child's well-being. Continued contact with both parents is preferred, except in cases of harm or abuse.

There are many types of custody granted in New York, including:

  • Physical/Residential custody: Where the child will live. The child may live solely with one parent, or split time between two households.
  • Legal custody: The right to make important decisions regarding the well-being of the child such as education and healthcare.
  • Joint custody: Shared responsibility between both parents. Can be applied to either physical and / or legal custody.
  • Sole custody: Matters pertaining to the child are the responsibility of only one parent. It can be applied to legal custody, physical custody, or both.
  • Temporary custody: Awarded custody to one or both parents until the official divorce decree. The final custody order will nullify temporary custody.
  • Visitation: The amount of time the child will spend with the parent who does not have primary physical custody. Visitation plans often include special provisions for holidays and vacations.

As a Syracuse child custody lawyer, I realize the emotional and legal complexities involved in constructing an effective custody plan. Harmonious negotiation is always my first priority, but I will not delay in taking any assertive action needed to protect my client and the relationship they have with their child.

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Enforcing Visitation and Parental Rights

Sadly, many parents vindictively seek to hinder visitation or attempt to alienate their child from the other parent. Additionally, new employment or remarriages can compel parents to move out of state, taking their child out of proximity from the other parent. I recognize the devastating impact any obstruction to visitation can have on a parent.

I can provide the tenacious representation you need for cases involving maintaining contact with your child, including:

  • Petitions for enforcement of visitation orders
  • Modifications of orders
  • Suspension of visitation due to exceptional circumstances, such as abuse or neglect
  • Establishing of paternity rights
  • Blocking or granting relocation

Issues Involving Same-Sex Couples and Child Custody in NY

The Marriage Equality Act defined a new era for same-sex couples. While a giant step for equality, the legal implications are relatively undefined in numerous areas, especially in states where same-sex marriage has yet to be recognized.

Multiple factors come into play when the courts consider a custody petition brought forth by same-sex parents, including:

  • Are both parents recognized as legal parents?
  • Was the child born into a marriage or a registered civil union? And in which state?
  • Was the child jointly adopted?
  • If only one spouse or partner is the legal parent, what type of relationship has been established with the opposite spouse or partner?

Compassionate Syracuse Child Custody Attorney

If you are confronting any type of child custody issue, you need legal representation by an attorney who possesses a high level of experience in family law combined with thoughtful awareness and consideration to your parental rights and needs. Family courts are increasingly recognizing the need for creative custody arrangements to accommodate the best interests of the child. Skilled legal counsel by a Syracuse attorney keenly aware of all options available can be your best advantage.

Protecting the relationship you have with your child is my primary focus. Call me today to schedule a case evaluation.