Syracuse Paternity Lawyer

While identifying the biological father of a child may seem simple, the consequences of acknowledging paternity can have widespread emotional, legal, and financial consequences. Whether it is to enforce paternal responsibilities or to assert the right of a father to have an active role in his child's life, skilled and compassionate legal representation is required to safeguard the interests of the parents and the child.

For more than a decade, I have been dedicated to assisting individuals with complex family law issues, including paternity disputes. I can provide the supportive, yet assertive advocacy you need to establish and enforce paternity rights and obligations.

Complications of Legal Paternity

When it comes to paternity, words are not enough. If a child is born into a marriage, the husband is legally regarded as the father, whether he actually is or not. If the couple is unmarried, the child has no legal father until an Acknowledgement of Paternity is signed and accepted by the courts. Things can get complicated, however, when either the mother or father hinder the proper establishment of paternity. These obstructions can include:

  • False accusations of paternity
  • Mother's refusal to acknowledge her child's father
  • Father's refusal to accept paternity
  • Mother's failure to notify father of a child's existence

Identifying the biological father of a child carries significant legal weight in the life and well-being of a child. If you are a mother confronting a reluctant father, or a father facing a mother hesitant to assent to your paternal rights, I can provide the insightful, tenacious representation you need to compel the establishment of legal paternity.

Rights and Responsibilities

Creating emotional bonds with a child is a crucial component of any healthy father / child relationship. Any obstruction to the formation of these relationships can be heartbreaking. Conversely, fathers who fail to live up to the expressive components of fatherhood still have a legal obligation for the well-being of the child.

The rights and responsibilities involved in paternity are numerous and include:

Establishing & Protecting Paternity in Upstate New York

If you would like assistance protecting or asserting your paternal rights, compelling a reluctant father to live up to his obligations, or defending against a false paternity claim, I can provide the experienced and insightful legal guidance you need. Contact my firm today to schedule a confidential case consultation to discuss your concerns, discover your legal options, and construct an effective strategy to protect your child and you.

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