Do You Need a Modification?

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Alimony, child support, and child custody agreements for both divorced and unmarried couples can be hotly contested and hard-fought. Finding common ground, however, may not result in a final decision. These agreements are always meant to reflect the current needs of those involved and the financially responsible party's ability to meet those needs. When circumstances dramatically change, they may call for a modification in an agreement.

At Haddad Law Office, P.C., I have worked closely with countless families who need to adjust their support or custody agreements in order to accommodate new changes in their lives. Even when these changes are challenged in court, I am a family law attorney who is well-versed with putting forth a dynamic, compelling case that speaks to my clients' need for further consideration by the state of New York.

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What Are the Grounds for a Modification?

Alimony, child support, and child custody agreements are not arrived at lightly, and judges need to see specific justification for why they should be amended. Often times, this takes not only well-structured argument from your counsel, but also evidence to support your claims.

Common grounds for a modification include:

  • Remarriage of one party
  • A dramatic change in one party's income
  • A dramatic change in one party's or child's health
  • Relocation of one party
  • A permanent change in one parent's schedule
  • Substance abuse or domestic violence issues

If you believe circumstances in your and your family's lives call for a custody or support modification, then the time to act is now. At Haddad Law Office, P.C., my clients can always rest assured that their interests will be protected and that their well-being—or their child's—will be made a priority.

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